Mosque and Jewish Quarter of Córdoba Tour

Visit the two most outstanding places in the city of Cordoba.

Meet with our official guides the great Mosque of Cordoba and walk through the intricate streets of the Jewish quarter.

  • 2 hours
  • Not recommended except in the Mosque
  • Radio guide included (if necessary).
  • 12:15 h.
  • Monday to Saturday.
  • Puerta de Almodóvar (Next to the Séneca´s statue)
  • It is recommended to bring a bottle of water.
  • Tickets inclueded.
Cordoba is a must-see in Spain as it has priceless jewelry. Get to know the Great Mosque and the Jewish Quarter from the hand of our guides. They will transport you to a grandiose past that is still present today. Stroll through the hundreds of columns of the Mosque and its horseshoe and poly-lobed arches. Behold the great Custody of gold and the marbles of different colors. Then walk through the labyrinthine and winding streets of the Jewish quarter until you find the synagogue and discover the great river that gives life to the city.

You can't finish your visit without visiting the most populous squares and palaces, as well as some of the legends remembered since ancient times.
Cordoba, a jewel you can not miss.

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