Flamenco and Spanish Horse experience

Enjoy the Andalusian dance and the grace of the Spanish horse.

When the art of dressage and Andalusian dance come together the result is a unique beauty.

  • 1 hour
  • 19:30
  • Caballerizas Reales Street, 1

What happens when music, dance, and one of the best horse breeds in the world come together in the same place? A unique spectacle.


Discover the beauty, elegance, and nobility of the Andalusian horse, also known as the Spanish Horse. This horse, thanks to its multiple qualities, is perfect for dressage, dominating the scene thanks to its innate elegance. Together with the dancers, both perform an elegant dance in which horse and woman complement each other.


You can also complete your experience with the Premium ticket, and visit the Royal Stables that Philip II founded in the sixteenth century. Access the precinct earlier and you will have a preferential place to see the show.

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