Guided Tour of the Giant Geode and the Mina Rica of Pulpí

Heading for the unknown

Don't let them tell you! Come and meet the largest visitable geode in the world.

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  • Poligono S-AG2A, 33, 04640 Pulpí, Almería
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  • Bottle of water included

On this tour, you will discover the place where the largest visitable Geode in the world is located in the Mina Rica of Pilar de Jaravía, in Pulpí. This mine was one of the most important mining districts in Spain for its mineral wealth from 1840 until the Spanish Civil War. In it, minerals such as iron and lead have been extracted, as well as many others unique in this area. During the first part of the visit, you will be able to observe the remains of these minerals that are still seen in the access galleries.


Walkthrough the mine and 60 meters deep you can enjoy the Giant Geode, which has dimensions of 8 m in length and 2 m in height, covered by huge gypsum crystals that have been formed over the years and have given rise to this unique wonder in the world.


A privileged place where you can go on a walk through history and observe one of the wonders of nature, during which our guide will explain the importance of the mine in the years of its exploitation as well as the formation of the Geode.






·      Reception of visitors

·      Bottle of Water at the beginning of the visit

·      Entrance to the Geode

·      Local guide during the visit to the Geode

·      Instant souvenir photo

·      Entrance to the Castle of San Juan de los Terreros





·      Transport

·      Food

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