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Granada is Islamic and Christian, are its streets and its aromas. We will visit narrow streets of the Albaicín and the City centre.

  • 2h
  • Not recommended
  • 18:30am
  • Tours and Tickets office. Provincias ST 1, Granada.

Join our free tour of the Historic Center and Bajo Albaicín, learn about the transformation of Granada over time into an essential tour. Come enjoy with us and delight in the explanations of a specialized official guide.


You will enjoy the city chosen by the great sultans and the Catholic Monarchs to settle.


We will start the tour in the heart of Granada, the place where the sultans built the silk market and the Madraza an institution of great fame during the Middle Ages that would undergo profound changes over the centuries.


We cannot forget the Christian world, which was closely linked to the Muslim even centuries after the Christian Conquest.


We will discover the magnificent burial chapel that houses the mortal remains of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando.


We will continue the route through the most famous neighborhood of Granada, the Albaicín, where we will visit the intricate and winding streets of its lower area. There we will see the classic architecture of the neighborhood and the fruit trees on the walls that mark this neighborhood of Muslim origin. These alleys will bring us a pleasant and shocking surprise in little-known viewpoints.






  • Official Spanish-speaking guide


** This tour is done with the participation of 6 adults.


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